Founders Start Here!

Founders Start Here!

Every founder has a starting point, a journey. Some people call it the “Origin Story” of a startup, Your Startup. You’re the hero of your story and like every great story, this is an epic story. It could lead to amazing success or a tragic failure. And every great story has a guide. I’m here to help you on the journey.

“6 Month Startup – Ideation to Revenue” is a program and forthcoming book to help you as a founder avoid failure and navigate your way through common problems and mistakes.

I’m Dave Parker and I was Senior VP of Global programs for UP Global (Startup Weekend + Startup America) before we sold the company to Techstars in 2015. I’ve also founded five startups and worked with a few hundred over the last 20 years, my roles have including an advisor, Board Member, and Founder. Now, as a Venture Capitalist for Seven Peaks Ventures, I look at dozens of early-stage tech companies every month. Some have been amazing ideas. Some tragically failed for poor timing and some succeeded against the odds for a great result. I’ve worked with a lot of different programs, including:

  • Founder Institute – I ran five cohorts of the as the Seattle Director, and top five ranked Director worldwide. If you have a solid idea this program will launch you in the right direction.
  • Startup Next – I was fortunate to have a great team to re-tool this UP Global program as a pre-accelerator program. The result was a great number of participants were able to launch faster and some skipped accelerators completely
  • Startup Boost – is the successor of Startup Next, a community-based program now rolling out globally that fills the pre-accelerator niche
  • Techstars – I’ve been a (tiny) investor in Techstars and an active mentor over the last five years in Seattle. Every program takes more and more advanced companies. It would be highly unusual to get into this or any other programs without revenue
  • Colleges and Universities – are all about credit hours. Teams aren’t motivated to “kill bad ideas fast” when they paid for the credits. You also need more than 12 or 15 weeks to validate your idea – however, you don’t need two years either. You need structure and deliverables
  • Tech organizations and non-profits – there are great organizations that don’t have the right programming. We think they will be great partner organizations and you should work with your community to support the effort
  • Dozens of accelerators and incubators

We support Founders first! We welcome students and corporate innovators that want to learn the process as well. But our mission is the help Founders navigate the early stages of a startup with speed, experience and minimum personal trauma.

I don’t believe in “failing fast” I believe in “killing bad ideas fast” – let’s get started!