Launch in your city

Launch in your city

Do you want to launch 6 Month Startup in your city? We’d love to talk!

The program is designed for Founder Development – think of the early stage where someone has enthusiastically come out of a “Startup Weekend” looking to launch a company. Before they leave their day job there’s some significant work to do. That is where the program starts. Helping founders learn from others experience at the earliest stage of their journey.

We fit before accelerators or incubator programs. There are some companies that will come to the program, but that won’t be the majority of your attendance. The accelerator stage is company building and there are some great programs for company building.

In Seattle, we have ~75 people every month. Your program will likely start smaller and build a reputation over time.

Launching in your City:

  • Organizer profile – do you care about your City’s startup ecosystem? Are you a founder or been part of an early founder team? Have you run a Startup Weekend in your city? This is a monthly event and it’s great to have experience with similar events.
  • Supporting team – you’ll need a small team to help your launch. These folks will help with check-in and some logistics. It’s not heavy lifting, but you can’t do everything yourself.
  • Mentor list – we have mentors in for the first hour of every session. The ratio is one (1) mentor to every eight (8) attendees. We’ll provide the emails and info help recruit, but you’ll need contacts and introductions.


  • All ticket sales come through the 6 Month Startup Eventbrite – we retain 20% for licensing and support. You retain 100% of sponsorships if paid directly for food, if it comes through 6 Month Startup, we retain a 20% administrative fee for contracts and invoicing.
  • Books (when available in Q2 2018) are purchased directly from Amazon by attendees
  • Ticket pricing – we believe attendees should have “skin in the game”, so we don’t do free tickets for attendees
    • Student tickets are $20
    • Founder tickets are $35
    • Scholarship – we have worked with local organizations that want to support
  • Community access is critical, though we could charge a lot more for the event, we won’t
  • Food is included (appetizers or pizza, no alcohol during the event)
  • Food Sponsor – having one sponsor for the food for the series is ideal, but you can get multiple sponsors for the series. We pass all sponsorships through without a percentage
    • Law firms
    • Accounting firms
  • Venue Host – paying for a venue will make the economics very difficult. Find a free venue

Target Attendees

  • Founders (first) – as an organization we’re all about Founders and helping to speed their process from ideation to initial revenue
  • Students – we want students to learn a process and structure
  • Corporate Innovators – the program provides a framework for testing and implementing corporate innovation


  • We provide you with the materials
    • Monthly PowerPoint and Keynote presentations
    • Monthly deliverables
    • Weekly email reminders from 6 Month Startup
  • Weekly conference calls for organizers
  • As needed support from 6 Month Startup team